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Photo Print - Warsaw Uprising Monument - Sewer Escape

By: Polart
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Product #: PRINT020 11X14
The Warsaw Uprising against the Nazi occupiers is one of Poland's most famous battles. Over 225,000 civilians (as well as 20,000 soldiers) lost their lives in a battle that lasted for 63 days.

This is the 2nd statue in Warsaw commemorating the Warsaw Uprising. It shows AK soldiers (Home Army soldiers) going down a man-hole into the sewers below. Thousands of people had to go down into the sewers to escape the encroaching German divisions. Many people died in the sewers under the streets, but those who did not were able to use the sewers to move in-between different parts of Warsaw which were inaccessible above ground.

These beautiful, scenic prints reveal the beauty of Poland in great detail. Printed by a professional photo studio to make your prints last.

Available sizes include 5"x7", 8"x10", 11"x14", 12"x18", 16"x20", and 20"x30".

Please Note: Depending on the image's aspect ratio, minimal cropping may be necessary to fit within the selected image size. The photograph received may not be exactly as pictured.
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