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14k Gold Coat-of-Arms Signet Ring, Custom/Special Order

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By: Polart
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In Poland, Coat-of-Arms were awarded to people who distinguished themselves in services for the King or the State. During the Middle Ages, Coat-of-Arms signets were worn by monarchs and nobles and used as an official seal embossed in wax and attached to documents with string. In Poland today, wearing a signet is popular and socially accepted, proving your noble status—it is a ring that symbolizes the brilliance and majesty of the age of chivalry. For those who bravely fought on the battlefield during wartime services, the top color of the stone is Red. A Blue colored top stone was used for distinguished peacetime services. We would like to offer a 14K Gold Coat-of-Arms signet in traditional, distinctive design.

What makes our signets special?
It is the engraving in the stone not offered by other sources. The extraordinary detail exhibited in our signets is the result of hand engraving and hundreds of years of traditions passed from one generation of artists to another. The hand shaped and polished stone is made of natural onyx from a quarry in Germany. We offer the finest quality presentation of your Coat-of-Arms. Your ring is designed to be a cherished heirloom for a lifetime of undiminished pride.

In the example picture above, the displayed signet shows the ZAREMBA family Coat-of-Arms with a square shape for a man's ring and blue top stone with a red bottom stone representing peacetime services. The ring will display the Coat-of-Arms' mirror image. During the medieval times, Royalty had Coat-of-Arms rings made specifically for sealing letters with wax. This served as a seal of authenticity.

When you place your order, please specify:

  • the name of the Coat-of-Arms
  • the ring size
  • Shape of stone: square for men, oval for women
  • color of stone: blue top with red bottom, or red top with blue bottom

    If you are not sure what the name of your Polish Coat-of-Arms might be, call us at (800) 278-9393 we will try to help you. We will check the Niesiecki's Armorial/Baronage 19th century edition heraldic book to find proper match and will email you the image of the engraving for approval. If you have your own image of the coat-of-arms that you would like to use, even if is it not of Polish heraldry, we can work with you in creating your own custom signet ring.

    Please Note: This item is a custom and prepaid order. It can take up to 6-12 weeks to be delivered.

    We also have available Custom Embroidered Felt Unframed Coat-Of-Arms (Item # 4352005).

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    5 out of 5 stars Stunning ring!, 11/7/2013 10:36:10 PM
    By: Rafal from ON - See all my reviews - Permalink

    I had this ring made with our family coat of arms 7 years ago. It is absolutely brilliant. Stunning in fact. When I saw this in the catalogue I knew I needed to have one. My father was very glad that I had shown such an interest in our family history. The Polart family was very helpful throughout the entire process. Although it is a wee bit expensive, it is worth every penny. Each ring will of course be unique and a one of a kind. An heirloom that will passed down from generation to generation. I wear it with great pride. Even though my father escaped Poland in 1939 and never lived in Poland again, although visited numerous times, he was a very patriotic Pole and loved that he was Polish. I also have the Polish Officers Eagle Ring as my father was an officer in the Polish Army during WWII. If you decide to buy one of these one of a kind rings, you will not be disappointed.

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