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Ice Road: Epic Journey from the Stalinist Labor Camps...

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The Ice Road

An Epic Journey from the Stalinist Labor Camps to Freedom

Written by Stefan Waydenfeld
Foreword by Norman Davies

"The sun is on the wrong side!"

June 1940. Rousted out of bed in the middle of the night, given thirty minutes to dress and pack, locked in an airless cattle car with dozens of other people, 14-year-old Stefan Waydenfeld and his parents were told by Soviet militia that they were being repatriated from Soviet-occupied eastern Poland to Nazi German-occupied Warsaw - until the next morning, when young Waydenfeld realizes that the sunrise is on the wrong side of the train.

They were heading east, deep into the Soviet Union, not west toward Warsaw.

Brilliantly told through the adventurous eyes of a young schoolboy, The Ice Road is a fluid, engaging tale of pluck, incredible resourcefulness, and even humor, as Waydenfeld and his parents survive the hostile Siberian labor camp and eventually escape on a raft, then travel by rail and foot to Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Persia to join the Second Polish Corps, leaving Stalin's paradise behind.

Filled with amazing mishaps and miraculous recoveries, courage and humanity make this real life story an inspiring read, as well as a rare window into a long-buried aspect of World War II history.

Includes more than 70 black & white photos, maps and illustrations; supplemental material to set this riveting account in its historical context; an interview with the author; and a reading group guide. Originally published in the U.K., this is the first U.S. edition and has been specially augmented with the supplemental historical material, author interview, reading group guide, and additional photos and other illustrations.

"A thrilling adventure, all the more remarkable for being true."
~ Norman Davies, leading historian and author

"It is truly an extraordinary book."
~ Anne Applebaum, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Gulag

"People don't have stories like his to tell any more."
~ Literary Review

DR. STEFAN WAYDENFELD, born 1925 in a suburb of Warsaw, Poland, came from a successful and well-educated professional family. Waydenfeld was 14 years old when World War II began and soon he was dodging the daily tyranny of the Soviet occupiers—until the Soviets caught up with him and his parents, deporting them to a Siberian labor camp. After their escape and long journey to freedom, Waydefeld trained with the newly formed Second Polish Corps in British occupied Persia and Iraq. He graduated from the Polish Army Officer School and fought with the Allies on the Italian front. Following the end of the war, he studied at various Universities and settled in England. A member of the British Medical Association, Waydenfled is now retired from his general medical practice and lives in London.

Publishing House: Aquila Polonica Publishing, Los Angeles 2010, 1st Edition
HardCover book measuring 6.4" x 9.25" x 1.4"
400 pages, photographs, maps, illustrations
English Language Version

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