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303 Squadron: Legendary Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron

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303 Squadron

The Legendary Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron

Written by Arkady Fiedler
Translated by Jarek Garliński

The 303 "Kościuszko" Squadron

The summer of 1940 and the Battle of Britain—the darkest days of World War II. France, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Norway had all been crushed by the powerful Nazi German war machine. Great Britain stood alone, fighting for its life.

Thrilling action story of the celebrated squadron of Polish fighter pilots whose superb daring and aerial combat skills helped save England during its most desperate hours. The 303 "Kościuszko" Squadron flew with the RAF, downing three times the average RAF score, while incurring only one-third the average casualties during the Battle of Britain. Underdog heroes who rose to defend against the deadliest German Luftwaffe attacks, the pilots of 303 Squadron were lionized by the British press, congratulated by the King and adored by the British public.

Brilliantly told through the adventurous eyes of a young schoolboy, The Ice Road is a fluid, engaging tale of pluck, incredible resourcefulness, and even humor, as Waydenfeld and his parents survive the hostile Siberian labor camp and eventually escape on a raft, then travel by rail and foot to Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Persia to join the Second Polish Corps, leaving Stalin's paradise behind.

With an immediacy that vividly brings to life those harrowing days, Arkady Fiedler paints the bravery, the poignancy, the breathtaking gambles with death risked daily by this exceptional group of young men far from home, who fought to preserve freedom for all.

Includes nearly 200 black and white photos, maps and illustrations; nine appendices; contextualizing historical material.

Winner of the GOLD Award for HISTORY, and the SILVER Award for INTERIOR DESIGN, at the 2011 Benjamin Franklin Awards

"About as exciting as it gets… a must-read."
~ The Washington Times

"Deserves five stars for every single one of its pages. Vivid and thrilling almost beyond measure."
~ Waterstone's Bookseller Review

"Wonderful account of the Poles' heroic deeds…"
~ Lynne Olson and Stanley Cloud, authors of A Question of Honor

ARKADY FIEDLER (1894-1985) was born in Poznań, Poland, educated at the Jagiellonian University. A best-selling travel writer researching in Tahiti when World War II began, Fiedler made his way back to Europe and joined the Polish Army. He undertook to chronicle the extraordinary achievements of the 303 Squadron during the Battle of the Britain when the blessing of Polish Prime Minster. Fiedler's thirty-two books have been translated into twenty-three languages, selling over 10 million copies.

JAREK GARLIŃSKI was born in London, England, and grew up bilingual in English and Polish. His father was noted historian and author Jozef Garliński, a former prisoner at Auschwitz-Birkenau. His mother Eileen Short-Garlińska was one of only a few Britons who spent World War II in Warsaw. Both parents served in the Polish Underground army during the war. Garliński has translated numerous books of Polish literature and history, specializing in the World War II era.

Publishing House: Aquila Polonica Publishing, Los Angeles 2010
HardCover book measuring 6.4" x 9.25" x 1.2"
304 pages, photographs, maps, illustrations
English Language Version

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