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Real Eggs - Rooster Wycinanki Design

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Product #: 250408 TURKEY
UPC #: 644527050706

Hand decorated Easter eggs are very special addition to every holiday home decor whether for an Easter tree or table. These real eggs are decorated in a rooster wycinanki theme by an artist who uses traditional Polish paper-cutting techniques and motifs utilizing vibrantly colored paper.

  • Available in either chicken or turkey sized egg.
  • Chicken Eggs measure approx. 1.8" in Diameter x 2.6" Tall
  • Turkey Eggs measure approx. 2.1" in Diameter x 3.4" Tall
  • Each package contains one real egg.

Paper cutting, originated by the Chinese in the fourth century, evolved in Poland as a traditional folk art of Polish peasants in the mid-1800's. Initiated by the shepherds cutting designs out of tree bark and leather, ornate wycinanki (pronounced vee-chee-non-kee) decorations were hung on the walls and windows of their homes, apply to furniture or roof beams, or given as gifts. While birds and flowers are popular themes, the ornate repetitions designs are limited only by the artist's practice, perseverance, and imagination.

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