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Spinner Keychain - Eagle & I Love PL, Gold Color

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Product #: 851707G
UPC #: 5905793010319
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Metal keychain with a spinning centerpiece representing the country of Poland. Displayed on one side of the keychain is an image of the country's coat-of-arms—the Polish White Eagle, while the other side features outline image of Poland with cutouts of the "letter I" and "a heart" symbolizing the magnificent phrase "I Love Poland". Both images are in opposing colored relief from the main body color: gold with silver relief or silver with gold relief. Above and below the center disc is "POLSKA" and "POLAND" lettering while the opposite side has stars adorning the outer circle. The keychain has a spin-lock ring and in a mat gold colored finish.
  • Keychain measures: 1.3" D x 4.33" H
  • This Keychain is also available in a Mat Silver Colored Finish! Please see our (Item # 851707S).
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