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Original Painting Henryk Musialowicz Animal Farm

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Born 1914, Musialowicz started out as a realistic painter. Beginning in 1956, he initiated an eight year laboratory of new forms which led him to a repertoire characterized by understatement--a figurative reduction--as well as the invigoration of a new and personal symbolism. A large portion of his art has been conceived as cycles. And many of this artist's paintings exploit subtle, glazed, layered and enamel-like effects, often highlighted by gold and silver. Musialowicz's art may begin its birth with a figurative armature, but for the artist, collaborative associations, echoings of form and past conventions, visual similes, all gather to produce a fixed and enduring center of emotion and regard.

Musialowicz fashions an art which finds, as in Animalistic Landscape (1962/64: Mixed media), the common, shared archetype in paleolithic cave paintings, Celto-Iberian and Minoan bull rituals, and Middle-Eastern or Biblical art. His Animalistic Landscape reveals an animal where an upper glaze of silver is effaced in parts of the image to reveal an underlying gold infill. In the rightmost form, this gold surface is much of the animal's color. The surface throughout the painting is scored, frequently in small patches of incised ribbing.

Painting offered is an original from 1964/1966, signed by the author, oil on wood.
Frame made by the author creates an intergral part with the painting 28.5" x 20.5".

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