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Love Seed Sown - Renee Stephens

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Love Seed Sown
By Renee Stephens

Helena Wasilowska, a famous actress, has no dreams other than to become a star of an international acclaim until one night after a beautiful performance, she received a bouquet of roses, accompanied by an invitation to have dinner with a polish Baronet named Bartos. She has had many offers by men and even lordlings, but no note had impressed her as this particular one had.After all she had the love of Zaslow, her manager and mentor, but she needed something else, she desired someone else to give herself to only her one true love. She accepted the invitation and the evening changed her life dramatically.

"How to describe Renee Stephens? Renee with a finger in so many pies - member of the International Women's Writers Guild (IWWG), Ocean City Flower co-chairperson, community activist, operator of first High Tea Room in South Jersey, with a compliment of eight different entree's of High Tea presented beautifully in silver tea pots, china cups, and silver flatware by a handsome footman to pour your tea when you delicately summon him by ringing a small bell. What a novelty!A TV segment filmed at the tea room called the 'Lilac House' featuring a script written by me in which I explain the custom of 'High Tea' aired on the local TV station. The actual food and tearoom were also filmed.My mother, the daughter of a Baron herself, had always maintained the custom brought over from Europe faithfully and beautifully. So, I decided it would be my first business venture and simply treated my customers as if they were my royal guests with parlor maids, and footmen scurrying back and forth to serve the people at a tinkling of a bell.Where could I, as a Philadelphia girl born and raised in a family of Polish immigrants from a region in the Carpathian Mountains, accomplish this alone? My answer to that was I learned it at my Mother's knee, listening to her regaled me with stories of crystal chandeliers in grand palaces of the Barons and Baronesses, stories of balls, hunting in the Carpathian Mountains, where skiing and skating parties would culminate, of course, with High Tea. I listened with awe while I stared at the portraits on the wall of the people my mother was so vividly describing imagining the scene as if I myself was there. Those portraits, incidentally, display a Baron in full Austrian cavalry uniform (my grandfather) and a beautiful girl with very long hair done up and entwined in pearls, garbed, not in peasant mountaineer clothes, but in an elegant white gown, with gloves above her elbow (my Mother). These impressions upon me have lasted to this very day and I believe, have prompted me to write this book."
~Reene Stephens

Publishing House: 1st Book Library, 2002
SoftCover book measuring 6" x 9" x 0.7"
290 pages
English Language Version

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