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In the Footsteps of Chopin DVD

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By: Kultur
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Product #: DV4826
ISBN #: 9780769792057
UPC #: 032031482692
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In the Footsteps of Chopin

Follow in the Footsteps of one of the World's Greatest Composers

Filmed at Original Locations

Frédéric Chopin left a musical legacy of some 225 works, yet what we know of the great composer is largely clichés. A master of Romantic music, Chopin was a complex personality with a dual allegiance to his native Poland and his adopted France. In death, his body lies in Paris but, at his own request, his heart is buried in Warsaw. Our examination of his life leads from Poland to France and Majorca to uncover the diverse influences on his music. Shedding light on the great pianist are Chopin expert Yves Henry and Polish pianist Janusz Olejniszak, who recorded the Chopin soundtrack for Polanski's film The Pianist.

Scenes & Extras:
1. Opening
2. Introduction
3. The Early Years
4. Departure from Warsaw
5. Paris
6. George Sand & Majorca
7. Composing the Preludes
8. Summers in Nohant
9. Winters in Paris
10. The Final Years
11. Conclusion
12. Credits

Among the locations featured are:
• Warsaw
• National Library
• Ostrogski Palace (Chopin Museum)
• Chopin Academy of Music (in Warsaw)
• Żelazowa Wola Museum (his birthplace)
• Łazienki Park
• Holy Cross Church

Color, 49 mins, Dolby 2.0
Format: NTSC, Region 1 (USA & Canada)
Language: English
Genre: Documentary

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