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Ozdoby Wielkanocne - Easter Paper Cutouts with Stickers

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Ozdoby Wielkanocne z naklejkami
Easter Decoration Paper Cutouts with Stickers

By Dorota Fic

Beautiful, very colorful, cut-out booklet with stickers of Easter decorations. Decorations can be hung on the windows or set on the festive Easter tables. Colorful stickers are great for decorating cards and gifts. The common preparation of Easter-decorations is the not only joyful, but also unforgettable for the whole family. The booklet will help children in the development of manual skills and artistic sensitivity.

The booklet includes the following Easter decorations:
• Easter eggs
• Bunnies
• Lamb
• Easter basket
• Colored stickers

All decorations must be cut out along the dotted line, and some also folded or glued. There are also colored stickers that children can either stick to gifts or decorate their Easter cards.

Publishing House: Siedmiorog, Wroclaw 2008
SoftCover book measuring 6.45" x 9.2" x 0.1"
16 pages, illustrations
Polish Language Version

All books are shipped through the U.S. Postal Office using Media Mail service. Typically delivery times are between 1 and 2 weeks. Please be advised, certain destinations in the U.S. may take longer

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