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Facsimile Edition - Frederic Chopin: Concerto in F-minor

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Polart has obtained the exclusive distribution of the facsimile edition of a unique document from the life and production of Frédéric Chopin, the manuscript score of the Concerto in F-minor. It is distinguished due to the fact that the piano part was written by the composer of the work himself. This manuscript is the only "semi-autograph" by Chopin of such a size and such musical significance. Chopin composed the piano and orchestra Concerto in F-minor between October 1829 and February 1830, and it was played for the first time in the National Theater (Teatr Narodowy) in Warsaw on March 17 of the same year. The first scores of the Concerto are today considered lost. The facsimile of the semi-autograph was prepared for the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Chopin's birth in cooperation with The Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Poland and the "Yushodo" publishing house in Tokyo, Japan which provides musicians, collectors, and bibliophiles with the last authentic link to the history of concerto scores by Chopin. Of the 400 limited edition facsimiles, 164 are available worldwide and only 50 for the USA.

About the "Concerto in F-minor" Facsimile Edition
Frédéric Chopin's Concerto in F-minor was original created in 1830. This facsimile edition measures 9.7" x 13.6" x 0.8". The paper is ribbed, according to the parameters, and the watermarked paper is by French paper manufacturer Blacons. The binding is a hand-sewn block, mounted in line with the original paperback. The facsimile is gift packaged into a leather box which contains: the facsimile Concerto, commentary translated into 6 languages by Professor John Ekier, and a CD with a recording of a concert performed by the Polish-American classical pianist, Arthur Rubinstein.

Due to the unique nature of this publication we can accept no refunds/returns.
Free delivery worldwide in 3-5 weeks.
Ships directly from Poland

What is a facsimile?
A facsimile edition is the photo-mechanical reproduction of a unique, practically two-dimensional model; it eliminates as much manual copy work as possible, reflects the inner and outer aspects of the original to the highest degree, incorporates all possible technical means available, guarantees the protection and preservation of the original, and is suitable for both scientific and artistic interests. A facsimile must act as a true surrogate of the original.

A facsimile is a reproduction of a unique source. In contrast to a reprint, a facsimile is also always a first edition of a manuscript. It should never reproduce only a portion of the manuscript or its decoration. Completeness is as indispensable as the original format. Accuracy to the original color tones, as much as modern techniques allow, is obvious but the thoughtful publisher and printer will make an attempt to maintain other aspects as well, such as the fascicle layout of the manuscript and points that can be decisive for a detailed study and can serve as scientific proofs. It must be possible for a scholar to work from the facsimile without using the original, thus saving it from further hardships. The type of printing process is not included among these criteria, as it is possible today to produce a facsimile using a variety of printing techniques and methods.

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