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Silver Plated Icon - Black Madonna Icon #3 (10x12)

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Our Lady of Częstochowa Silver Plated Icon #3 (Matka Boska Częstochowa, "Black Madonna")
Handcrafted by Polish metal smith artist, this valuable icon can be yours with this very attractive silver plated frame and 24kt gold gilded finished details and velour back. The main material of the artwork is copper fused with silver. This artistic religious fine art piece is handcrafted using traditional techniques and natural materials to emphasize the beauty of past design traditions. The figures of the Black Madonna and Jesus are hand-painted. The back of the religious icon comes affixed with a sawtooth hanger for easy wall mounting.

Silver Plated Icon Measures: 10.6" W x 12" H x 1.4" D

Father Jan Golonka, Paulite
The picture of the Holy Mother painted in distemper on the groundwork made of three time-wood boards stuck with canvas. Its dimension is 121.5 x 81.5 cm. The picture is fitted into gotic profiled wooden frame. It futures The Holy Mother with The Child- Emmanuelle. The picture is called a Hodegetria (which means "showing the way"), and its origin- most likely- Byzantine-Ruthenian. According to the icon painting technique the picture was made in a specially prepared hollow (kowczeg), keeping the bossed aureoles and framing.

There is a lack of certainly about the exact time of coming into its existence and the authors of the picture. The newest research and roentgenogram analysis made in the 1:1 scale let assume, that the painting of Holy Mother of Jasna Góra comes from the XIIth century and primarily was supposed to be in the Balkan iconostas. Its technology and the above-mentioned research show Byzantine painting features. This research let also discover that under the present painting dating from the XIIIth century there are some remains of an early Christian icon.

The painting was brought by the Prince Wladislaw from Opel in 1382 from Belz in Ruthenia to then being erected cloister for the Paulite fathers, who had been brought by the Prince from Hungary. In 1430 during a robbery there was committed a sacrilegium. The evidence of that event are the scars left during its XVth century renovation.

In 1717 while the Pope's Clemens XI pontificate took place the solemn coronation of the painting. Since the earliest time the picture of the Virgin Mary has been decorated with jewels of votive offering, gold plates, regalia such as crowns, dresses. The earliest source of the painting's history is a handwritten copy of "Translatio tabulea" dated from XVth century. Jan Długosz, the eminent Polish historian, mentioned three times the picture from Jasna Góra. In the picture from Jasna Góra the whole Polish nation worship Virgin Mary as "The Golden Rose". In 1982 His Holiness said: "Holy Lady from Jasna Góra! You have come into our history for centuries and you have been helping us to create our history… You have been helping to keep the continuity and the identity…"
Jan Golonka

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