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Polish Folk Costume Collection - Krzczonowianka Doll

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By: Polart
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Product #: HP114
ISBN #: 9788324831548
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Polskie Stroje Ludowe (Polish Folk Costumes) Collection is an extraordinary guide in Polish language to the Polish traditions. Folk rituals, habits of everyday life, forgotten dances, open-air museums, and above all descriptions of costumes from all regions of Poland. This issue features a folk doll called Krzczonowianka from Lublin Region. Exquisitely-detailed, this handmade porcelain doll from Poland will be welcome additions to any doll collection.

Doll stands 7.25" high
Handmade in Poland
Polish Language Version

Poland has many region-specific costumes traditionally used for dancing. Dolls from Poland are a perfect miniature replica of those costumes. Whether you love to play with dolls, love Polish costumes, or collect elaborate unique dolls, these are for you.

Each doll has an embroidered skirt and shirt in the same style as their representing region. The clothing of the doll is made of original region color fabric. All doll dresses are hand-made and may differ slightly from pictures.

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