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Folk Doll from Mazowsze Lowicz Region

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Product #: ARP445 GIRL 10
UPC #: 644527553252

Poland has many region-specific costumes traditionally used for dancing. Dolls from Poland are a perfect miniature replica of those costumes. Whether you love to play with dolls, love Polish costumes, or collect elaborate unique dolls, these are for you.

Each doll has an embroidered skirt and shirt in the same style as their representing region. The clothing of the doll is made of original region color fabric with a removable apron with a gold and silver finish. All doll dresses are hand-made and may differ slightly from pictures.

The men dress in orange and green striped trousers which are tucked into high black boots. Their black jackets with shiny black buttons are pleated at the back. Their white linen shirts have embroidered collars and cuffs. Hats are made of thick black felt and have colorful bands. The women wear dresses made from thick. heavy wool. The bodices are of black velvet with beautiful bead work and the skirts have wide vertical stripes. Over the skin an apron of the same color is worn. Three color schemes can be employed in these costumes. The most ancient is red, the intermediate is orange and the most recent is blue and green. The bottom panels are made of black velvet with brilliant beadwork. Ask any girl who has danced in one how heavy they are! The wide open sleeves of the blouses have elaborate embroidery, as do the kerchiefs worn over the hair.

Dolls in 10", 11", 16" and 19" size have moveable eyes when doll is laid horizontally.

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