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Bones in the Backyard, a Bahia Gordon Mystery

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Product #: BK2416
ISBN #: 0741408201
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Bones in the Backyard, a Bahia Gordon Mystery
Written by Florence W. Clowes and Lois J. Blackburn

Meet Bashia Gordon, a women of Polish background who helps residents in Northeastern Connecticut decorate their homes. Her curiosity leads her to unearth Bones in the Backyard at the home of a Peace Corps friend. When State Trooper Mark Jankowski arrives on the scene, romantic sparks ignite. Identifying the long-dead victim becomes a challenge for Bashia's curiosity, internet research skills, familiarity with the region, and sheer luck. Could the bones be the wealthy eccentric who disappeared some years ago? Things get complicated when a suspect is murdered. Bashia's and Jankowski's interest in each other is certain to heat up in future episodes of this series.

"Holds interest and suspense. . . characters nicely developed. . . we need a sequel."
~Bowling Green, OH

"Mysterious and engrossing until the final page."
~Largo, FL

FLORENCE WASZKELEWICZ CLOWES lived in Danielson, in the quiet corner of Connecticut, most of her life. She served in the Peace Corps in Jamaica in 1993 before settling in Florida. She is Associate Editor and book review for The Polish-American Journal.

LOIS J. BLACKBURN moved to South Florida more than twenty years ago from East Lansing, Michigan where she had been a UPI reporter. A graduate of Wayne State University, she has written for a number of consumer magazines, newspapers and trade publications. She is the author of Florida Food Fare (& Food for Thought), and she ghost-wrote a political treatise.

Publishing House: Infinity Publishing, West Conshohocken 2001
SoftCover book measuring 5.4" x 8.3"
198 pages
English Language Version

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