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Warsaw Spring - Heather Kirk

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Product #: BK2641
ISBN #: 0929141865
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Warsaw Spring

by Heather Kirk

Warsaw Spring is a novel for young adults set in Canada and Poland in the spring of 1979, the year before the Solidarity Uprising of August 1980.

A country and a life in turmoil…
It's the late 1970s and eighteen-year-old Eva is dealing with a world of trouble at home. To escape her problems, she flees to her family's old homeland, Poland, a place she has never been. In Warsaw, Poland's capital, she meets Hanna, a mysterious half-sister she never knew existed and Mark, a charming but angry young man.

It's an uneasy time throughout Poland, Eva discovers. Against the backdrop of a papal visit by Pope John Paul II, Eva experiences firsthand the stirrings of revolution against the hated communist regime.

Warsaw Spring is the first of two linked novels. Its sequel is titled A Drop of Rain (Item # BK2642).

"… a history book, a romance novel, and a coming-of-age story all wrapped up between the covers of a young-adult fiction."
—Donna Danyluk, "Celebrations Editor", Barrie Examiner

"Wow! I'm so impressed. This story really has everything. You managed to make the history of Poland come alive—it's not something I know much about—and you made me care about it."
—Jocelyn Shipley, author of young-adult novels: Getting a Life, Cross My Heart, and Seraphina's Circle

"Adults will enjoy this young-adult novel… Eva transforms from ugly duckling to lovely swan in a satisfying story."
—Sylvia Warsh, author of To Die in Spring, Season of Iron, and Find Me Again (Winner of the Edgar Award)

HEATHER KIRK grew up in Oakville, Ontario, and studied English literature at Dalhousie University in Halifax, the University of Toronto, and York University. In 1977, she went to Poland as a tourist, planning to stay a few months, but she found the country so fascinating that she stayed for over two years. Kirk has written newspaper and magazine articles, radio scripts, poetry and fiction. She has also taught for many years at universities and colleges in both Alberta and Ontario. She currently lives with her husband and dog in Barrie, Ontario.

Publishing House: Napoleon Publishing, Toronto 2001
SoftCover book measuring 5.1" x 7.5"
245 pages
English Language Version

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