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Discordant Trumpet: Discrimination of American Historians

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Discordant Trumpet

Discrimination of American Historians

by Francis Casimir Kajencki

From the Preface:
"On retiring from the army in 1973, I took up the researching and writing of American History. This effort led me into contact with civilian historians and editors. The instances of discrimination against Poles became more numerous and visible in their published works. I could analyze their biased writing against primary source data and point out misstatements, omissions of key data, and refute falsehoods.

Discordant Trumpet covers discrimination found in the published works of those American historians with whom I came in contact. I believe the number would have been larger had I conducted further research. The following chapters deal with historical events and my central figures."
— Francis Casimir Kajencki

1. The United States-Mexican Boundary Survey, 1849-1855
2. Flaws in Encyclopedia of the American Revolution
3. Historical Group Denigrates Casimir Pulaski
4. A New Age Now Begins
    Jefferson, A Revealing Biography
    More on Niemcewicz
5. Historians as Novelists
    Two Exampls of Flawed Historians
    Alexander Grzelachowski and Billy the Kid
    American Editors Buy into German Propaganda
6. Are Historians Always Historians?
    Saratoga Campaign, 1777
    Shallow Research Injures Kosciuszko's Character
    General Pulaski and Colonel John Laurens
7. Historical Films

FRANCIS CASIMIR KAJENCKI was graduated from the U.S. Military Academy & commissioned second lieutenant in January 1943. He served in the Pacific Theater in World War II, followed by staff & command assignments over a span of thirty years. He retired as Colonel & Assistant Chief of Information, Department of the Army, in 1973. Kajencki earned three Masters degrees: from the University of Southern California in Mechanical Engineering, 1949; University of Wisconsin-Madison in Journalism, 1967; George Mason University in History, 1976. Upon retiring from the army, he took up historical research & writing that led to six published books on American history. The author was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1918. A widower with four adult children, he resided in El Paso Texas. He passed away on July 18, 2008 at age 90.

Publishing House: Southwest Polonia Press, El Paso 2003, 1st Edition
HardCover book measuring 6.25" x 9.25" x 0.5"
116 pages, B&W illustrations, 12 maps, index
English Language Version

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