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Polish Cavalry Sabre 1917 Szabla Kawalerii Polskiej 1917

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Replica of museum cavalry original from the year 1917 is made out of steel, bronze, and leather. The Polish words "Honor, Ojczyzna" (Honor and Fatherland) are engraved on one side of the blade. The hilt is made of hardwood, covered with dark leather. This replica is an excellent addition to your fireplace mantle as it is handmade by skillful artists in Poland. Total length is 36.0". Metal parts require periodic polishing.

Replica muzealnego eksponatu. Szabla polska typ kawalrii wzor 1917 roku. Jelec mosiezny trojkablakowy Kablokowy zdobiony, wazy jelca w formie owalu okolonego ornamentem. Trzon rekojesci nie jest z tworzywa, lecz wykonany orginalnie z twardego drewna obciagnietego ciemna skora. Karbowania owiniete plecionym drutem. Bogato zdobione ostrze szabli (glownia) wykonane jeat ze stali z wygrawerowanym jednostronnie napisem " Honor, Ojczyzna".

This is a decorative item, not intended for sharpening or bending, however, it may become a dangerous weapon if used incorrectly. Keep away from children.

Limited quantities in stock, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery if product is not in stock.

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