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Teddy Bear - Mis DVD

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Product #: DV840
ISBN #: 1565806026
UPC #: 670541001011
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Teddy Bear
Director: Stanisław Bareja
Reżyseria: Stanisław Bareja
Ryszard Ochódzki, called "Teddy Bear" by his friends, president of a sports club, is about to go abroad with his team. During passports control it turns out that several pages in his passport are missing, which makes crossing the border impossible. The only way to obtain a new passport is to find a double. After a number of hilarious adventures, Ochódzki gets on the plane only to spot his former wife, the mistress of a high ranking communist official, who wants to get to London first to empty the bank account of their life savings. The most acclaimed Polish comedy describing the nonsense of everyday life in Poland in the 70's.Komedia złożona z groteskowych epizodów ukazujących rozpad PRL-owskiego systemu. Liczne sceny z barów mlecznych, urzędów i sklepów ujawniają absurd codziennej egzystencji Polaków. Wokół historii Ochódzkiego (Stanisław Tym) narasta wiele ważnych, małych opowieści charakteryzujących rzeczywistość początku lat osiemdziesiątych.
Actors: Stanisław Tym, Krzysztof Kowalewski, Stanisław Mikulski, Wojciech Pokora, Barbara Burska, Christine Paul-Podlasky, Bronisław Pawlik
Screenplay: Stanisław Bareja, Stanisław Tym
Music: Jerzy Derfel
Photography: Zdzisław Kaczmarek
1981, Widescreen, Color, 111 mins. Dolby Digital Stereo.
Format: NTSC, Region 1 (USA & Canada)
Language: Polish
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy
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