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Bolek & Lolek on Holiday: Part 2 DVD

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Bolek and Lolek are young explorers who travel the world in their imaginations enjoying fun trips, new friends, and new places. 7 short animated films originally made for Polish television, these cartoons (using no dialogue) cross national boundaries with their appeal.

The Amusement Park - Directed by: Edward Wator, 1965. Bolek and Lolek have fun and adventures at the fun fair.

Mushroom Hunting - Directed by: Leszek Lorek, 1965. Bolek and Lolek go mushrooming. In the forest they find booby trap bombs in that have not been detonated. Their four-legged companion takes the mines to the Police Station.

The Rifle and the Fishing Rod - Directed by: Wladyslaw Nehrebecki, 1965. Bolek and Lolek spend their holidays in the Lake District. They do not catch anything fishing and an angry elk charges at them forcing them to ran out of the forest.

The False Grandfather - Directed by: Stanislaw Dulz, 1965. Bolek and Lolek help an old lady. Bolek dresses up as an old man and makes Lolek help with work. Lolek dresses up as an old lady and pays Bolek back.

The Knight Game - Directed by: Lechoslaw Marszalek, 1965. Bolek and Lolek find some old, discarded objects and scrap iron and play at being knights in the Middle Ages.

The Camping Trip - Directed by: Waclaw Wajser, 1965. Bolek and Lolek are picnicking in the woods. They are attacked by bees. Whilst running away from them Bolek scares a bear. The bear eats the jam the boys have in their knapsacks.

In the Land of 1001 Nights - Directed by: Wladyslaw Nehrebecki, 1969. Bolek and Lolek travel to the Near East in a small plane. When they reach the land of 1001 nights, the plane turns into a flying carpet and the boys meet characters that they know from the stories.

Studio Filmów Rysunkowych, 2007
Color, 63 mins, Dolby Digital Stereo.
Format: NTSC, Region 1 (USA & Canada)
Silent Cartoon
Genre: Animated TV Program, Children

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