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Mazowsze & Slask 2 DVD Set

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Gala Concert of Song and Dance Slask Ensemble

50th Anniversary Concert - Live from Katowice, Poland 2004

"Slask" Song and Dance Ensemble was founded in 1953 by Prof. Stanislaw Hadyna, who also became its art director. Slask Ensemble has performed more than 6000 shows for over 20 million people worldwide.

SLASK is an ensemble of 90 singers, dancers and & musicians who enchant audiences in 1600 vibrant costumes which represent different regions of Poland.

With one of the world's most beautiful choreographic, vocal and musical performances, SLASK is a colorful and impetuous kaleidoscope of Polish national and folk culture. There are dances and songs from 15 regions of Poland, as well as,
national Polish dances including Polonaise, Mazurka, Kujawiak, Oberek and Krakowiak.

Thanks to its distinguished artistic rank, SLASK has won worldwide recognition and has been granted numerous prizes, awards and diplomas.


  1. Trojak
  2. Taniec Chustkowy
  3. Starzyk
  4. Szot Madziar
  5. Ida Gorole
  6. Ondraszek
  7. Pilki
  8. Tance Podhalanskie
  9. Tance pasterzy jurgowskich
  10. Suita rzeszowsla
  11. Harnas i zbojnicy
  12. Piekla baba chleb
  13. Kujawiak - Oberek
  14. Polka Wrobelek
  15. Krakowiak and Final

Running time approx. 53 mins. Color.

THE MUSIC & DANCE OF POLAND: MAZOWSZE is a thrilling kaleidoscopic display of dazzling movement, vibrant color and stunning beauty. The incomparable Mazowsze (Mah-ZOF-sha) performance troupe whirl and leap, stamp and glide in a glorious outpouring of sound and motion, rhythm and music that celebrates the cultural legacy of Poland. Polish-American entertainer Bobby Vinton narrates.

While the choreography and musical arrangements represent 39 distinctive ethnographic regions of Poland with traditional performance styles, the appeal of Mazowsze's dynamic stage show goes beyond audiences of Polish descent. An ensemble of 65 dancers and singers are arrayed in a seemingly never-ending series of handmade traditional costumes.

A full 23-member orchestra performs music ranging from Chopin to simple folk melodies beloved by the Poles for centuries. Strategically mounted high definition cameras and microphones capture this stellar performance, recorded live at the Polish National Opera House in Warsaw, Poland.


  1. Kolem, Kolem (In a Circle, In a Circle)
  2. Kujawiak - A dance from the region of Kujawy
  3. Co ja mysle (What I Think) - sung in costumes from the White Kurpie region
  4. Carnival time in the town of Wilamowice
  5. Krakowiaczek
  6. Krakowiak
  7. Songs & Dances from Jurgow in the Podhale mountain region
  8. Bamberki
  9. Jokes & Dances from Podegrodzie
  10. Wine Gathering Dance from Lubusz
  11. Dances of the Highlanders from Tatras
  12. Handkerchief Dance from Zywiec
  13. Cyt, Cyt (Hush, Hush) - sung in costumes from the Lowicz region
  14. Furman (The Coachman) - sung by
  15. Finale

Bonus Material: Additional Performances
  1. Dances from Szamotuly
  2. Ej przelecial ptaszek (A Little Bird Flew Over the Woods)
  3. Dances from Lublin
  4. Laura i Filon (Laura and Philon)
  5. Lowiczanka
  6. Songs from Cieszyn
  7. Chodzony & Mazurka from Wilanow
  8. Dwa serduszka (The Little Hearts)
  9. Szla dzieweczka (A Village Girl Walking to the Forest)
  10. Bells, songs & dances from Limanowa

Running time approx. 90 mins. Color.
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