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Jerzy Hoffmans Sienkiewicz Trilogy 5 DVD Set

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Product #: DV999
ISBN #: 1593650329
UPC #: 644527999098
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At the time of the release of the first film, With Fire and Sword, the first novel in a trilogy of historical adventures by Sienkiewicz author of Quo Vadis, this lavish historical epic was the most expensive Polish film ever made. The grand drama is set in 17th century Poland during the Cossack uprising against the Polish nobility. As the violent confrontation builds, there is also a battle for the heart of a beautiful girl between a dashing Pole and a brutish Ukrainian.

The action of the second film, The Deluge takes place in the 17th century, in the period of the Polish-Swedish war. The plot is woven around the stormy love of the main character in the film, Andrzej Kmicic (Daniel Olbrychski), for a young gentlewoman named Olenka. Much of this exciting and romantic film was shot in authentic, ancient Polish castles.

The last film, Colonel Wolodyjowski, is of tale the modest and heroic "little knight" Michal Wolodyjowski, and his friend Zagloba, a colourful yarnspinner with a cunning mind and a taste for meat. A fresco in picture and a ballad in mood, the film is set in the 17th century Eastern Poland. Tadeusz Lomnicki, widely regarded as the greatest of all Polish actors, brings a human touch to the title character. His partner, Baska, played by Magdalena Zawadzka, a pretty and boyish companion, who convincingly combines the opposing qualities of sensuality and naivete. Hoffman met with great difficulties in making the film including several interrogations and revisions in the director's flat, blackmailing by the government and incarceration of all extras during the shooting of a main battle scene in order to support the Soviet Army's Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1966. Colonel Wolodyjowski became one of the most popular films in Poland and was sold to 28 countries.

The set is released on 5 DVDs containing moving screen selections, biographies of leading actors and information about other titles released by Polart.

Language: Polish (Voice-over)
Subtitles: English
Total run time: 637 minutes, Color
Format: NTSC, Region 1 (USA & Canada)
Genre: Historical, Drama
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