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Audio PhraseBook B-3 English<->Polish PB-Pl

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Product #: ECT004
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Audio PhraseBook English<->Polish PB-Pl B-3

Device Type: Travel Audio Phrasebook
Operating system: eBM OS 2.0
Language pair: Polish<->English, English<->Polish
Size: 5.17" x 3.39" x 0.67"
Weight: 6.5 oz
Battery Type: 2 x AAA batteries, included
PC connection: Yes

The Audio PhraseBook English<->Polish B-3, is an inexhaustible talking travel companion. It instantly translates 14,000 travel-oriented phrases divided by activity and speaks the translation aloud. Featuring natural pronunciation as recorded by native speakers it is easily understood by your listeners. And its powerful search functions allow you to quickly find what you need—exactly when you need it. So you will be communicating with ease in a matter of seconds!

This dynamic handheld substitutes for an interpreter in most standard situations, such as when registering at a hotel, shopping, visiting a bank and more. It is extremely flexible. And it easily switches between subjects to fit almost any circumstance. To make it even more useful, there is an entertaining FlashCards word game included. This lets you practice from a personal list of words and phrases to improve your vocabulary. It's the fun way to increase your confidence no matter where you are.

The B-3 comes complete with a stylish, self-amplified loudspeaker that you wear around your neck. It helps make sure you get your message across loud and clear. A bonus CD of more than 20 software dictionaries and the Audio PhraseBook B-3 Desktop Manager is included to enhance your device. Furthermore, this remarkable translator is extremely customizable. It even allows you to add additional languages if needed.

We have also included many practical organizer features to help you keep track of things. With an address book, diary, and digital voice memo, it is your own personal assistant. We have even included an MP3 music player to provide entertainment during your travels. Simply load it directly from your desktop PC before leaving home!

    Features and Accessories
  • Display: 16-level grayscale display and high-resolution touch screen with enhanced polarizers
  • Hardware features: USB port - Multimedia Card (MMC) slot - Headphone jack - Speaker - Microphone - Backlight
  • Core applications: Music MP3 Player - Date Book with audio reminders- Address Book - Voice Memo - Memo Book - To Do Book - Calculator
  • Two input methods: keyboard and handwriting recognition
  • Natural pronunciation of all phrases recorded by native speakers
  • Accessories: LS-101 self-amplified loudspeaker (batteries, connection cable and neck strap included) - Stylus - Removable cover - Headphones - USB Cable (USB and Serial Cradle sold separately)
  • Password protection
  • MMC Card English-Polish Phrasebook - PB-Pl MMC is included in the package
  • User's manual in English

Connectivity Option: You can connect this device to your PC; for this purpose your system should meet the following minimum requirements: IBM-compatible 486 PC or higher - 256 color VGA monitor - Mouse or other pointing device - Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP- 50 MB free disk space - 32 MB RAM (recommended) - available serial or standard USB port - Internet connectivity - Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later) OR Netscape Navigator 4.02 (or later)

This model is normally operated in a silent mode and you will need to press the "Speaker" button or to choose the corresponding option from the menu in order to hear the translation spoken out loud.

For complete information on this model, please refer to the instruction manual available in PDF format: Manual in English

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