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Tabletop Size Hussar Fish Scale Armor & Helmet with Stand

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The 17th century Hussarian Armor was a symbol of the Polish Sarmatiam spirit and utilized the best characteristics of Western and Oriental armors. This tabletop sized replica Hussarian Fish Scale Suit of Armor with Helmet (zbroja karacenowa style) is heavily decorated with the characteristic brass trims and knobs. The Hussar armor has a wonderful effect of lightness, which was very misleading to the enemy, achieved by rounded edges of the five layer pauldrons, six layer cuirasses, breast and back plates, cuisses, and the magnificent helmet. Each of the steel pieces are hand-hammered on a wooden stump and linked together by leather straps.

Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the charging Polish Hussars (Husaria), also known as the Winged Horsemen, were a primary part of the Polish Army; first developed as a formation of light cavalry, then later transformed into heavy cavalry. They have been described as 'one of the most spectacular soldiers in the world'. Up until the 18th century, the Polish Hussars were notoriously the elite unit of the Commonwealth.

Metal parts require periodic polishing.
Stands over approx. 3' tall with the wooden stand.

This is a decorative item, however, it may become a dangerous weapon if used incorrectly. Keep away from children.

Limited quantities in stock, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery if product is not in stock.

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