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Learn Polish - Intermedia (CD-ROM)

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By: Polart
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Product #: L011
ISBN #: 1862216282
UPC #: 9781862216280
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Polish language lessons on your computer prepared for intermediate level students. This program is designed for people who want to improve their Polish language skills. Interactive mode allows students to record their own pronounciation and compare it with native speaker pronounciation recorded on CD-Rom. This is a continuation of the lessons on LT/NP1.

Help in more than 40 languages.

System requirements: PC Windows compatible, VGA with 256 colors, SOund card, 486 processor or above, 8MB RAM, CD-Rom drive.

Mac-Color Mac, 68030 processor or above, 8MB RAM, CD-Rom drive.Microphone (optional, but useflul)

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