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Polish Navy Sabre with Scabbard, Style 1976

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Official 1976 style Polish Navy sabre, used in Polish Army since 1981, is made out of leather, steel and bronze. The Polish words "Honor i Ojczyzna" (Honor and Fatherland) and the white eagle are on one side. Hilt is made of bronze with the "Navy Anchor" on a Grunwald Cross. Has a gold tassel on gold colored ribbon. The wooden scabbard, covered with leather, has four brass handles/ornaments. Total length is 38.0". Metal parts require periodic polishing.

Szabla marynarska wzor 1976 wprowadzona zostala do uzytku na wyposarzenie wojska w 1976 roku. Szabla z pochwa z drewna obciagnieta skora chromowa, z czterema okuciami z mosiadzu. Rekojesc obwiazana tasma ze zlotego galonu. Na krzyzu jelca kotwica admiralicji na tle Krzyza Grunwaldu. Chwast z obsada wytloczona z mosieznej j blachy, fredzle z mosieznego lancucha. Dlugosc w pochwie 968 mm (38"). Zabka z czarnej skory z dwoma karabinczykami. Klinga z wypuklym napisem "Honor i Ojczyzna" oraz orlem z korona.

This is a decorative item, not intended for sharpening or bending, however, it may become a dangerous weapon if used incorrectly. Keep away from children.

Shipped separately, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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