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Military Figure - Poland 1944 AK Soldier

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The underground military organization in occupied Poland, which functioned in all areas of the country from the fall of 1939 until its disbanding in January 1945.The AK originated from the Sluzba Zwyciestwu Polski (Polish Victory Service), created in late September 1939 by Gen. Michael Torkarzewski-Karaszewicz. ThatDecember, Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski replaced this organization with the Zwiazek Walki Zbrojnej (Union for Armed Struggle), which became the AK in February1942. The AK's first commander was Stefan Rowecki (known as Grot, or "arrowhead"), until his arrest; he was succeeded by Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski, from July1943 until the latter's capture in September 1944. The last commander was Leopold Okulicki, known as Niedzwiadek ("bear cub").

It takes a very knowledgeable and talented artist to create military figures that meet the expectations of the most demanding collectors. We were fortunate to become friends with one whose specialty is Polish army figures. He makes only a few per month, so you may wait 4-5 months before your order will be filled. But, when you receive it, your patience will be rewarded when you open the box. They are amazing and worth the wait. The attention to detail and historical accuracy is breath taking. Individually handcrafted of hand-painted plaster, fired in an oven and mounted on a wooden pedestal. Available in very limited quantities, basically custom made. Each app. 8" tall.

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